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Mr. Right

British pronunciation/mˈɪstə ɹˈaɪt/
American pronunciation/mˈɪstɚ ɹˈaɪt/
Mr. Right

someone that a woman considers to have all the qualities of a future husband

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Mr. Right definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "Mr. Right" and when to use it?

The idiom "Mr. Right" has gained popularity in the mid-20th century as a term to describe an ideal romantic partner for a woman. It signifies a partner who possesses all the desired qualities, characteristics, and compatibility that a woman seeks in a long-term or lifelong relationship.

1Catherine is patiently waiting for Mr. Right to come into her life, believing that true love will find its way to her when the time is right.
2Mr. Right, although you might know him as Mr. Tim Burton.
3At which time, Mr. Right called the police.
4So I can meet Mr. Right.
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