Dead-end job
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British pronunciation/dˈɛdˈɛnd dʒˈɒb/
American pronunciation/dˈɛdˈɛnd dʒˈɑːb/

a job that does not provide one with the chance to advance to a better position or job

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dead-end job definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "dead-end job" and when to use it?

The phrase "dead-end job" originated in the early 20th century, and it refers to a job that offers few opportunities for advancement or growth. The idiom "dead-end job" is used to describe a job that provides little or no opportunity for career advancement or personal growth. It is often associated with low-paying, menial work that is seen as unfulfilling or unsatisfying.

He felt stuck in a dead-end job with no prospect of promotion or advancement.
He was tired of working long hours in a dead-end job with no chance of a pay raise or promotion.
Many young people today are struggling to find work that is not just a dead-end job with no future prospects.
She realized that the dead-end job she had been working in for years was not fulfilling her desire for a meaningful and challenging career.
After years of working in dead-end jobs, she decided to go back to school and pursue a new career.
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Meaning of "Dead-end job"
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