Cut and thrust
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British pronunciation/kˈʌt and θɹˈʌst/
American pronunciation/kˈʌt ænd θɹˈʌst/

used to refer to the energetic and thrilling nature of an activity where people compete or argue with each other, creating an exciting and lively atmosphere

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cut and thrust definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "cut and thrust" and when to use it?

The phrase "cut and thrust" originates from the world of sword fighting, particularly fencing, where "cut" refers to the motion of making a slashing or cutting movement with a sword, and "thrust" refers to the action of stabbing or pushing the sword forward in an attack. Over time, "cut and thrust" was adopted in a more figurative sense to describe vigorous and competitive exchanges, debates, or interactions where opposing viewpoints or actions are in play. It captures the idea of dynamic and spirited engagement, much like the rapid and decisive movements of a swordsman.

The negotiations between the labor union and management were marked by a lot of cut and thrust before they reached an agreement.
The cut and thrust of the business world keeps entrepreneurs on their toes.
The political debate turned into a cut and thrust exchange of ideas, with candidates passionately defending their positions.
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Meaning of "Cut and thrust"
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