Brownie point
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British pronunciation/bɹˈaʊni pˈɔɪnt/
American pronunciation/bɹˈaʊni pˈɔɪnt/

approval of a person in authority that a person tries to gain by doing something that pleases or impresses them

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brownie point definition and meaning

The origin of the idiom "brownie point" can be traced to the mythical creatures known as "brownies" in folklore. Brownies were believed to be household spirits or fairies, often associated with helpful and benevolent actions, such as completing chores or tasks around the home while the occupants slept. The concept of earning "brownie points" likely emerged from the idea that by performing good deeds or being helpful, one could accumulate a form of goodwill or favor from these imaginary beings. It is often used humorously or playfully to acknowledge someone's efforts to please or impress others, especially when there's a sense that these efforts are motivated by the desire for recognition or benefits.

She scored brownie points with her in-laws by baking them their favorite cookies for their visit.
Offering to do the dishes after the family dinner earned him some brownie points with his parents.
Complimenting the boss's presentation was a clever way to gain a few brownie points at the office.
Helping her neighbor carry groceries upstairs was a simple act of kindness that earned her some brownie points in the building.
The employee hoped that volunteering for the charity event would earn him brownie points with his boss.
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Meaning of "Brownie point"
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