black mood
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British pronunciation/blˈak dˈɑːk mˈuːd/
American pronunciation/blˈæk dˈɑːɹk mˈuːd/
black mood

a period of time during which one feels extremely miserable and depressed

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(black|dark) [mood] definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "black mood" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "black mood" can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In medieval times, the word "black" was often associated with negative or dark emotions, including sadness or melancholy. The concept of a "mood" referred to an individual's emotional state or disposition. This expression is typically used when someone is experiencing a prolonged period of profound sadness or despair, often accompanied by a sense of hopelessness or emotional turmoil. It can be used to describe the emotional struggles of individuals dealing with grief, loss, or other challenging life circumstances.

As the team faced a string of losses, the locker room was filled with black moods, as players grappled with disappointment and frustration.
The loss of her beloved pet put her in a deep dark mood, and she found it difficult to find joy in anything for weeks.
The office was filled with dark moods after the announcement of widespread layoffs, with employees sharing a sense of anxiety and uncertainty.
Despite the sunny weather, Sarah's black mood cast a shadow over the picnic, as she couldn't shake off her feelings of sadness.
Emily's black mood was palpable as she sat alone in her room, consumed by a sense of despair and the weight of her personal struggles.
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Definition & Meaning of "(black|dark) [mood]"
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