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Going concern

British pronunciation/ɡˌəʊɪŋ kənsˈɜːn/
American pronunciation/ɡˌoʊɪŋ kənsˈɜːn/
Going concern

a business that produces a great deal of profit

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going concern definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "going concern" and when to use it?

The term "going concern" originated in the field of accounting and finance, where it is used to describe a business that is expected to continue operating normally for the foreseeable future. The term is commonly used in financial reporting and analysis, as it assumes that the business will continue to generate revenue and operate without significant changes to its management or operations.

1And that means that the movement of the stone, the quarrying and the movement of the stone is still very much a going concern.
2It's a going concern today, and now even being extended further out into to Concord.
3The Swedish outfit has been a going concern for more than 30 years now, combining unique rhythms and jazz elements with some good, old-fashioned thrash to create a distinctive, rumbling sound all its own.
4So the way that everyone saw Bletchley Park kind of now as a going concern, it was great that that changed.
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