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forewarned is forearmed

British pronunciation/fɔːwˈɔːnd ɪz fˈɔːɹɑːmd/
American pronunciation/fɔːɹwˈɔːɹnd ɪz fˈɔːɹɑːɹmd/
forewarned is forearmed

used to imply that being informed or aware of a potential danger or problem in advance allows one to be better prepared to deal with it

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1And forewarned is forearmed, so if we are aware of these issues and put carefully thought about solutions into place early, we can avoid many of the dystopian scenarios.
2There are some exceptions, but by and large, forewarned is forearmed and that’s what we’re doing in today’s episode.
3But to the Navy, forewarned is forearmed.
4For investors, forewarned is forearmed.
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