On hold
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British pronunciation/ˌɒn hˈəʊld/
American pronunciation/ˌɑːn hˈoʊld/

in a suspended state to be considered and dealt with in the future

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on hold definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "on hold" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "on hold" can be traced back to the telecommunications industry. In the early days of telephone systems, operators would physically connect calls by plugging cables into switchboards. When a call needed to be temporarily suspended or transferred to another line, the operator would place it "on hold" by placing the caller's line on a specific hold position on the switchboard. Overtime, as technology advanced and automated phone systems were introduced, the concept of putting a call "on hold" became ingrained in the common language, extending beyond the telephone industry to describe any situation where a planned action or process is temporarily paused or deferred. It is mostly used in project management to describe the temporary suspension of a task or project due to resource constraints, pending approvals, or changing priorities.


waiting on the phone until the receiver speaks

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What is the origin of the idiom "on hold" and when to use it?

The idiom "on hold" originated with the introduction of telephone systems and call centers. When a person made a call and needed to wait before the other party could speak to them, they would be put "on hold." During this time, they would typically hear music, recorded messages, or silence, indicating that they were in a waiting state. This expression has since been widely used to describe the act of waiting on the phone until the call is connected or until the other party is available to speak.

The construction project is on hold indefinitely until funding is secured.
They will likely put the decision on hold until they gather more information.
The project is currently on hold due to budget constraints.
The company placed the project on hold until additional funding could be secured.
We'll put the vacation plans on hold until we can find a suitable time for the trip.
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Meaning of "On hold"
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