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Flight suit

British pronunciation/flˈaɪt sˈuːt/
American pronunciation/flˈaɪt sˈuːt/
Flight suit

a full-body garment, made of durable fire-resistant fabric, worn by the pilot or crew of a military aircraft, glider or helicopter

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flight suit definition and meaning

What is a "flight suit"?

A flight suit is a type of coverall worn by pilots, astronauts, and other aviation personnel during flight operations. It is designed to provide comfort, protection, and functionality for the wearer in the cockpit or in zero-gravity environments. Flight suits are typically made of flame-resistant materials and feature pockets for storing maps, pens, and other flight tools. They also have zippers and patches for attaching name tags, rank insignia, and other badges. Flight suits can come in various colors, with the most common being olive green, navy blue, and khaki. They are an essential part of flight safety equipment and are required to be worn in many aviation activities.

1You had a flight suit.
2You had a backup flight suit.
3So, we've got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits.
4He put on his flight suit, jumped out of the plane.
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