Furniture beetle
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British pronunciation/fˈɜːnɪtʃə bˈiːtəl/
American pronunciation/fˈɜːnɪtʃɚ bˈiːɾəl/

a small beetle, the larvae of which bore and damage wood

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furniture beetle definition and meaning

What is a "furniture beetle"?

A furniture beetle is a small insect belonging to the family Anobiidae. These beetles are notorious for their destructive behavior towards wooden structures and furniture. The larvae of the furniture beetle feed on the wood, causing damage by creating tunnels and galleries as they feed and grow. This can weaken the structural integrity of wooden objects and lead to significant damage over time if left untreated. The adult furniture beetles are small and typically brown or black in color, with a cylindrical shape and hardened wings that cover their body. They are attracted to wood with high moisture content and can infest a variety of wooden items, including furniture, flooring, and structural components.

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