British pronunciation/wˈɒtə‍l/
American pronunciation/ˈwɑtəɫ/

a colorful and usually red lobe that hangs from the head or neck of a bird

What is a "wattle"?


A wattle is a distinctive feature found in many birds and some animals, characterized by a fleshy, often elongated, and often brightly colored appendage or fold of skin. It typically hangs from the neck or head region and serves various purposes. In birds, wattles can play a role in communication and display, serving as visual signals during courtship or aggressive interactions. They can also have thermoregulatory functions, helping to dissipate excess heat or conserve warmth. The size, shape, and coloration of wattles can vary significantly between species, and they contribute to the overall appearance and uniqueness of the animal.


a construction method where woven branches or twigs are used to create a framework for walls or fences


any of various Australasian trees yielding slender poles suitable for wattle


interlace to form wattle


build of or with wattle

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