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British pronunciation/tˈɜːn/
American pronunciation/ˈtɝnz/

a small marine bird of the gull family with a slender build and narrow pointed wings

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tern definition and meaning

What is a "tern"?

A tern is a graceful seabird known for its elegant flight and sharp, pointed wings. It has a slender body, a forked tail, and a slender, sharp bill. Terns are highly adapted to their marine environment and can be found along coastlines and on offshore islands. They are agile hunters, plunging into the water from above to catch fish with remarkable precision. Terns are also known for their impressive migratory abilities, traveling long distances between breeding and wintering grounds. With their distinctive calls and acrobatic aerial displays, terns add beauty and liveliness to coastal ecosystems, making them a delightful sight for birdwatchers and beachgoers alike.

1Terns do huge migrations.
2Large-billed terns are very territorial.
3The black tern, the black tern is my bird.
4The black tern, the black tern is my bird.
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