Tawny owl
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British pronunciation/tˈɔːni ˈaʊl/
American pronunciation/tˈɔːni ˈaʊl/

a mid-sized Eurasian bird of prey of the owl family that has reddish brown plumage and is mostly found in woodlands

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tawny owl definition and meaning

What is a "tawny owl"?

A tawny owl, scientifically known as Strix aluco, is a medium-sized owl species found throughout much of Europe and parts of Asia. With its mix of brown, gray, and rusty plumage, the Tawny Owl possesses a stunning and distinctive appearance that effortlessly blends with the surrounding trees. Its rounded head, adorned with large, dark eyes and devoid of ear tufts, exudes an aura of wisdom and serenity. As a predominantly nocturnal hunter, the Tawny Owl takes to the skies at dusk, embarking on stealthy quests in pursuit of small mammals, birds, and insects. Blessed with remarkably soft feathers, this owl glides through the night with near-silent flight, ambushing prey with remarkable precision.

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