Spotted hyena
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British pronunciation/spˈɒtɪd haɪˈiːnə/
American pronunciation/spˈɑːɾᵻd haɪˈiːnə/

a large, carnivorous mammal known for its distinctive spotted coat, powerful build, and complex social structure

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spotted hyena definition and meaning

What is a "spotted hyena"?

The spotted hyena is a highly adaptable and intelligent animal with a unique appearance. It has a compact, muscular body with a sloping back, powerful legs, and a distinctive spotted coat that ranges in color from light brown to gray. Spotted hyenas have a large head with a robust jaw and sharp teeth used for crushing bones. They have keen senses of smell and hearing, which help them locate food and communicate with their clan members. Spotted hyenas are known for their social structure, which is organized in a matriarchal society, with females holding the dominant roles. They live in close-knit clans and have complex social interactions, communication, and hunting strategies.

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