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British pronunciation/spˈuːnbɪl/
American pronunciation/spˈuːnbɪl/

a large pinkish wading bird with long legs and a beak that is wide and flat at the end

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spoonbill definition and meaning

What is a "spoonbill"?

A spoonbill is a large wading bird characterized by its unique bill, which is long, flat, and spoon-shaped. With their striking appearance and graceful movements, spoonbills are a sight to behold. Their plumage is predominantly white, often with hints of pink or reddish hues on their wings and faces. Spoonbills are known for their foraging technique, where they sweep their open bill from side to side in shallow water, capturing small fish, crustaceans, and other aquatic organisms. They inhabit wetland areas such as marshes, estuaries, and mudflats, where they form nesting colonies on trees or in dense vegetation. Spoonbills are social birds and can often be seen in groups, engaging in preening, courtship displays, and cooperative feeding. These elegant birds are not only a symbol of beauty but also play an important ecological role in maintaining the balance of wetland ecosystems.

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