British pronunciation/snˈa‍ʊt/
American pronunciation/ˈsnaʊt/

the long and protruding facial part of an animal which comprises its nose and mouth, especially in a mammal

What is a "snout"?


A snout is a prominent and elongated facial feature found in many animals, particularly those in the mammalian and reptilian groups. It refers to the front part of the head that extends beyond the mouth and contains the nostrils. The shape and size of the snout can vary greatly depending on the species. It is typically covered in skin, often with specialized sensory structures such as whiskers, tactile hairs, or specialized receptors. The snout serves various functions depending on the animal. It can be used for feeding, sniffing, digging, or as a sensory organ to detect and locate food, mates, or potential threats. In some species, the snout may also play a role in communication, defense, or as a specialized tool for manipulating objects in the environment. Overall, the snout is an important and versatile adaptation that helps animals interact with their surroundings and fulfill their ecological roles.


beaklike projection of the anterior part of the head of certain insects such as e.g. weevils


informal terms for the nose

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