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British pronunciation/skˈɪŋk/
American pronunciation/skˈɪŋk/

an insectivorous lizard with short limbs and an elongated body that inhabits tropical regions

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skink definition and meaning

What is a "skink"?

Skinks are a diverse group of lizards characterized by their smooth, shiny scales and cylindrical bodies. They are found in various habitats, including forests, deserts, and grasslands, across different parts of the world. Skinks come in a wide range of sizes and colors, with some species exhibiting vibrant patterns and hues. They are known for their ability to move quickly and efficiently, using their strong limbs and flexible bodies. Skinks are predominantly insectivorous, although some species also consume small vertebrates, fruits, and plant matter. They play important roles in ecosystems as both predators and prey, and their adaptability has allowed them to thrive in different environments. Skinks are also popular pets due to their manageable size and relatively easy care requirements.

1This skink has ticks on it.
2A little skink is no stranger to danger.
3Hold on to the skink.
4Maybe some skinks, but they would be very rare.
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