Sesame seed

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British pronunciation/sˈɛsɐmˌi sˈiːd/
American pronunciation/sˈɛsɐmi sˈiːd/
Sesame seed

a small, edible seed with a nutty flavor commonly used in cooking and baking

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sesame seed definition and meaning

What are "sesame seeds"?

Sesame seeds are tiny, nutritious seeds harvested from the sesame plant, native to Africa and India. They have a delicate nutty flavor and a slightly crunchy texture, making them a popular ingredient in various cuisines worldwide. Sesame seeds come in different colors, including white, black, and golden, with white sesame seeds being the most common. They are often used as a topping for bread, buns, and crackers, as well as in baking, cooking, and garnishing dishes. In cooking, sesame seeds add a nutty aroma and a subtle crunch, enhancing the flavor and texture of both sweet and savory dishes. They are commonly used in dishes such as stir-fries, salads, sushi, and desserts. Sesame seeds are also valued for their nutritional benefits, being rich in protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

You can sprinkle sesame seeds on your avocado toast to enhance its taste and texture.
They ground sesame seeds into a paste and used it as a base for making tahini sauce.
The chef will dust each piece of sushi with sesame seeds to enhance its flavor.
They coated their chicken nuggets with sesame seeds.
To take your favorite noodle dish to another level, simply sprinkle sesame seeds over it.
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Definition & Meaning of "Sesame seed"
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