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British pronunciation/sˈɜːpənt/
American pronunciation/ˈsɝpənt/

a large limbless reptilian with a long body and a fork-shaped tongue

synonyms : ophidian
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serpent definition and meaning

What is a "serpent"?

A serpent is a reptile typically characterized by its long and slender body, scaly skin, and lack of limbs. It is often associated with various mythologies and folklore, symbolizing wisdom, cunning, or even evil. Serpents are known for their ability to slither and move with agility, often found in diverse habitats ranging from forests to deserts. They possess a unique form of locomotion, using muscular contractions to propel themselves forward. Serpents can vary in size, from small harmless species to large and venomous ones. They play important roles in many ecosystems, contributing to the balance of predator-prey relationships.


an obsolete bass cornet; resembles a snake

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a firework that moves in serpentine manner when ignited

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1I thought about the story of the serpent who first planted the seed of mistrust in the couple's brain.
2Serpents are a biker gang.
3A maintenance crew removed the serpent.
4The serpent was offering a cup of coffee. -
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