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British pronunciation/sˈɛɹeɪp/
American pronunciation/sˈɛɹeɪp/

a type of shawl worn as a garment, typically made of wool and often decorated with stripes or other patterns

synonyms : sarape
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serape definition and meaning

What is a "serape"?

A serape is a long, colorful, and often fringed blanket-like garment worn over the shoulders like a shawl. Originating in Mexico, it was traditionally woven from wool and designed to provide warmth on cool desert nights. The serape typically features bright colors and geometric patterns, and it can be worn by both men and women. In modern times, the serape has become a popular fashion item and is often used as a decorative throw or wall hanging.

1So a serape is a scarf you wear across your neck, and then it crosses over you in front.
2That creates that serape, which creates a stretch reflex that allows me to throw more powerfully.
3There's Adrian Esparza's deconstructed serape, whose threads have been carefully unraveled and pinned to the wall in a geometric design.
4Today we're talking about the obliques, and we're actually breaking out the serape.
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