Sailor suit
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British pronunciation/sˈeɪlə sˈuːt/
American pronunciation/sˈeɪlɚ sˈuːt/

a type of clothing, typically worn by children, that features a sailor collar and other nautical-inspired details

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sailor suit definition and meaning

What is a "sailor suit"?

A sailor suit is a traditional type of outfit for infants and young children that is modeled after naval uniforms. It typically consists of a one-piece romper or shirt and shorts set with a sailor-style collar, cuffs, and buttons. The outfit often features nautical themes such as anchors, boats, and stripes, and is typically made from lightweight cotton or linen fabrics that are comfortable for babies. Sailor suits were originally popularized in the late 19th century and have remained a popular choice for baby wear due to their classic and timeless design. They are often worn for formal occasions or as a cute and stylish everyday outfit.

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