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Rove beetle

British pronunciation/ɹˈəʊv bˈiːtəl/
American pronunciation/ɹˈoʊv bˈiːɾəl/
Rove beetle

a small predatory insect with an elongated body, short wings, and a tendency to emit defensive secretions when disturbed

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rove beetle definition and meaning

What is a "rove beetle"?

A rove beetle is a small predatory insect characterized by its elongated body and short wings, which usually do not cover its abdomen. Rove beetles are known for their quick movements and ability to emit defensive secretions when disturbed. They are commonly found in various habitats, including soil, leaf litter, and decaying organic matter, where they play a beneficial role in controlling populations of other insects.

1But rove beetles take backside chemical bombs to the next level.
2Ancestral rove beetles entered colonies to prey on ants or termites using their chemical gland for defense.
3Anyway, in the tropical forests of Central and South America lives a rove beetle that only eats flies.
4Enter the Aleocharinae, a group of rove beetles.
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