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Real estate agent

British pronunciation/ɹˈiəl ɪstˈeɪt ˈeɪdʒənt/
American pronunciation/ɹˈiːəl ɪstˈeɪt ˈeɪdʒənt/
Real estate agent

someone whose job involves selling and renting lands or apartments for people

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real estate agent definition and meaning
1The real estate agent warned them not to buy the house, suspecting it might be a lemon with hidden structural issues.
2The real estate agent was always polite to his clients, but he also knew how to use his charm to close a deal.
3The real estate agent knew that the house was not the most impressive, but because it had once belonged to a famous musician, she was certain that it would sell for a higher price.
4My mom was a real estate agent.
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