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Rainbow trout

British pronunciation/ɹˈeɪnbəʊ tɹˈaʊt/
American pronunciation/ɹˈeɪnboʊ tɹˈaʊt/
Rainbow trout

a cold water coastal fish that is a salmonid and is caught for food or sport, which has green, white, pink, etc. color bands on its body

synonyms : Salmo gairdneri
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rainbow trout definition and meaning

What is a "rainbow trout"?

A rainbow trout, a species of salmonid fish, is known for its vibrant colors and delicious flavor. Native to North America, rainbow trout have been widely introduced and are now found in freshwater habitats around the world. They are prized by anglers for their strong fighting ability and are popular targets for recreational fishing. Rainbow trout have a streamlined body, a pinkish stripe along their sides, and a speckled pattern that gives them their distinctive appearance. They thrive in cold, clear rivers and lakes, where they feed on insects, small fish, and aquatic invertebrates. Due to their excellent taste and versatility in the kitchen, rainbow trout are also farmed for commercial purposes. Whether caught in the wild or enjoyed as a culinary delight, rainbow trout continues to be cherished by fishing enthusiasts and seafood lovers alike.


flesh of Pacific trout that migrate from salt to fresh water

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1Selectively bred rainbow trout?
2They're rainbow trout.
3That is a rainbow trout.
4That year, and every year since, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has stocked golden rainbow trout in rivers throughout the state.
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