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Queen bee

British pronunciation/kwˈiːn bˈiː/
American pronunciation/kwˈiːn bˈiː/
Queen bee

the reproductive female bee in a colony, responsible for laying eggs and maintaining the unity and productivity of the hive

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queen bee definition and meaning

What is a "queen bee"?

A queen bee is the central figure in a honeybee colony, responsible for laying eggs and ensuring the survival of the hive. She is larger in size compared to worker bees and has a longer lifespan. The queen bee is developed from a specially selected larva fed with royal jelly, a nutritious secretion produced by worker bees. Her primary role is to lay eggs, with the potential to lay thousands of eggs per day. The queen bee emits pheromones that maintain harmony and regulate the behavior of the colony. She plays a vital role in the overall functioning and productivity of the hive.

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