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Processed cheese

British pronunciation/pɹˈəʊsɛst tʃˈiːz/
American pronunciation/pɹˈɑːsɛst tʃˈiːz/
Processed cheese

made by blending several lots of cheese

synonyms : process cheese
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processed cheese definition and meaning
1Cheese, not yellow cheese, not processed cheese but Queso Menonita made by Mennonites, Mennonite colonies in Chihuahua.
2It mentions the word cheese-- "American pasteurized processed cheese food product."
3And from the warehouses of Kansas City and other stockpiles across the country, boxes upon boxes of processed cheese were packaged up into five pound blocks, shipped across America and government cheese was born.
4Arguing about the nature of the country is as American as frozen apple pie with a slice of processed cheese, says the aspirationally acute, 80-year-old, Pulitzer Prize winner, George Will.
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