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Prickly pear

British pronunciation/pɹˈɪkli pˈeə/
American pronunciation/pɹˈɪkli pˈɛɹ/
Prickly pear

the edible fruit of cactus plant that is yellow and pink and is covered with prickles

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prickly pear definition and meaning

What is a "prickly pear"?

Prickly pear refers to the fruit of certain cactus species, known for its vibrant colors and prickly exterior. The fruit is oval-shaped and has a sweet and refreshing taste, similar to a cross between a melon and a strawberry. To consume a prickly pear, the spiky outer skin must be carefully removed, revealing the juicy flesh inside. Prickly pear is commonly used in various culinary preparations, including jams, jellies, desserts, and beverages. It can also be enjoyed fresh, either eaten on its own or added to salads and smoothies. Additionally, prickly pear is known for its potential health benefits, as it is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and essential vitamins.


cacti having spiny flat joints and oval fruit that is edible in some species; often used as food for stock

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1Prickly pears are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
2I tried a prickly pear for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by its sweet and tangy flavor.
3Remember Prickly Pear.
4Actually, one common misconception is that the prickly pear fruit stains.
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