British pronunciation/pˌɒlənˈe‍ɪz/
American pronunciation/ˌpɑɫəˈneɪz/

a type of women's dress characterized by a fitted bodice and a draped overskirt gathered in three places, creating a pouf at the back

What is a "polonaise"?


A polonaise is a historical women's garment that was fashionable in the 18th and 19th centuries and inspired by Polish national costume. The dress consists of a fitted bodice and a gathered or pleated skirt, typically worn over an underskirt or petticoat. The defining feature of a polonaise is the gathered and draped fabric at the back of the dress, which forms a train. The polonaise was originally a military dress uniform of Polish origin, but over time it evolved into a fashionable dress for women. The style was revived in the mid-19th century and remained popular throughout the Victorian era.


a piece of music for a slow Polish dance in moderate ³/₄ time that was popular in the 19th century

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