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Police dog

British pronunciation/pəlˈiːs dˈɒɡ/
American pronunciation/pəlˈiːs dˈɑːɡ/
Police dog

a dog that is trained to assist with police work, such as detecting drugs or threats

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police dog definition and meaning

What is a "police dog"?

A police dog, also known as a K-9 or a working dog, is a specially trained canine used by law enforcement agencies for various tasks related to law enforcement, including tracking suspects, detecting drugs or explosives, apprehending suspects, and protecting their human handlers. Police dogs are typically trained in specialized areas such as tracking, scent detection, search and rescue, and apprehension. They are highly intelligent, loyal, and physically capable, and undergo rigorous training to ensure they are reliable and effective in their duties. Police dogs are an important part of law enforcement teams and provide invaluable assistance in a wide range of law enforcement operations, helping to ensure the safety and security of communities and assisting in the apprehension of criminals.

1Police dogs followed Tyler's scent from the car down a natural drainage path in the woods.
2They make excellent police dogs.
3He's a police dog.
4Future members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, known as the Mounties, train with police dogs like Baylee during their 26-week training at the academy.
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