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play hooky / hookey

British pronunciation/plˈeɪ hˈʊki hˈʊkɪ/
American pronunciation/plˈeɪ hˈʊki hˈʊki/
to play hooky / hookey

to not attend work, school, or other obligations without giving an explanation or getting permission

synonyms : bunk off
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to [play] (hooky|hookey) definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "play hooky" and when to use it?

The phrase "play hooky" originated in the 19th century and referred to the act of skipping school or work without permission. The term "hooky" is believed to come from the Dutch word "hoekje," which means "a nook" or "a hiding place. It is used to describe the act of skipping school or work without permission.

1He decided to play hooky from work and spend the day at the beach.
2The teenager was caught playing hooky from school and was given detention as a punishment.
3She felt guilty about playing hooky from her job, but she needed a mental health day to recharge.
4The school, however, had viewed the absences as being on par with playing hooky.
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