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Australian cockroach

British pronunciation/ɒstɹˈeɪliən kˈɒkɹəʊtʃ/
American pronunciation/ɔːstɹˈeɪliən kˈɑːkɹoʊtʃ/
Australian cockroach

a medium-sized reddish-brown cockroach species native to Australia, known for its preference for warm and humid environments

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Australian cockroach definition and meaning

What is an "Australian cockroach"?

An Australian cockroach is a species native to Australia but has spread to other parts of the world. It is a medium-sized cockroach with a reddish-brown color and distinctive yellow markings on its thorax. The Australian cockroach prefers warm and humid environments and is commonly found in outdoor areas such as gardens, leaf litter, and tree bark. It can also enter buildings, especially searching for food and water sources. While not considered a major household pest, the Australian cockroach can become a nuisance when it invades homes and can contaminate food.

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