British pronunciation/ˈɔːk/
American pronunciation/ˈɔːk/

a seabird characterized by its compact body, short wings, and webbed feet, adapted for diving and swimming underwater

What is an "auk"?


An auk is a fascinating seabird belonging to the family Alcidae, known for its remarkable adaptations to life in the water. With their streamlined bodies, stubby wings, and webbed feet, auks are excellent divers and swimmers. They spend the majority of their lives at sea, where they forage for fish and other marine organisms. Auks are often found in large colonies, nesting on rocky cliffs or in burrows. These birds are well adapted for their aquatic lifestyle, with waterproof feathers and the ability to propel themselves underwater using their wings. Although they are proficient swimmers, auks are not as agile in flight, relying more on their powerful wings for propulsion beneath the water's surface. With their striking appearances and unique behaviors, auks are a captivating group of birds that have captured the interest of birdwatchers and researchers alike.

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