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Nursery rhyme

British pronunciation/nˈɜːsəɹi ɹˈaɪm/
American pronunciation/nˈɜːsɚɹi ɹˈaɪm/
Nursery rhyme

a short traditional poem or song specifically intended for young children, often with a catchy melody and repetitive lyrics

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nursery rhyme definition and meaning

What is a "nursery rhyme"?

A nursery rhyme is a whimsical and educational poem or song that is often recited or sung to babies and young children during personal care routines such as bathing, dressing, or bedtime. Nursery rhymes play a significant role in personal care by fostering language development, creating a soothing and engaging atmosphere, and promoting bonding between caregivers and children. Through the repetition of rhymes, children can learn about concepts such as body parts, hygiene practices, and daily routines, making personal care moments enjoyable and educational.

1They are nursery rhymes.
2Humpty Dumpty Many children can recite the nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty and his tragic misadventures on a wall.
3Nursery rhymes have always been downers.
4This nursery rhyme is also very good.
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