Musk deer
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British pronunciation/mˈʌsk dˈiə/
American pronunciation/mˈʌsk dˈɪɹ/

a small, solitary ungulate characterized by its distinctive fang-like canine teeth, absence of antlers, and secretion of musk from a gland located in its abdomen

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musk deer definition and meaning

What is a "musk deer"?

The musk deer is a unique and elusive animal found in mountainous regions of Asia. They are known for their small size, with most species being smaller than other deer species, and their lack of antlers. Instead of antlers, male musk deer have elongated canine teeth that resemble fangs, which are used in fights for territory and mates. Musk deer are solitary creatures and are known for their elusive nature, making them challenging to spot in the wild. One of their most distinctive features is the musk gland located in their abdomen, which produces a strong-smelling musk used in the perfume industry. Due to habitat loss and hunting for their musk, musk deer populations are declining, and they are considered endangered or vulnerable in many parts of their range.

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