Missel thrush
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British pronunciation/mˈɪsəl θɹˈʌʃ/
American pronunciation/mˈɪsəl θɹˈʌʃ/

a large Eurasian thrush with a spotted breast that feeds on mistletoe berries

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missel thrush definition and meaning

What is a "missel thrush"?

A missel thrush is a medium-sized songbird known for its robust build and powerful voice. Found across Europe and parts of Asia, it is distinguished by its gray-brown plumage, speckled chest, and pale underparts. Missel thrushes are often seen perched on tree branches or foraging on the ground for insects, worms, and berries. They are skilled singers and their melodious, flute-like songs can be heard throughout their territories, particularly during the breeding season. Missel thrushes are known for their bold and assertive nature, defending their nesting sites and displaying aggressive behavior towards potential threats. They are also notable for their distinctive "rattle" call, used as an alarm or territorial display.

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