Minke whale
British pronunciation/mˈɪŋk wˈeɪl/
American pronunciation/mˈɪŋk wˈeɪl/

a small baleen whale that is known for its sleek body, pointed head, and distinctive white band on each flipper

What is a "minke whale"?


The minke whale, also known as the lesser rorqual, is a species of baleen whale that belongs to the family Balaenopteridae. They are relatively small compared to other baleen whales, with adults measuring around 7 to 10 meters in length and weighing up to 10 tons. Minke whales have a streamlined body with a dark gray or black upper body and a lighter underside. They have a pointed head with a single ridge on their rostrum and a small, curved dorsal fin. Minke whales are known for their fast and agile swimming, often breaching and leaping out of the water. They feed primarily on small schooling fish and krill, using baleen plates in their mouths to filter out food from the water. Minke whales are found in various oceans and seas around the world, and are known for their elusive and shy behavior, making them a challenging species to study in the wild.

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