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British pronunciation/mˈæmbɐ/
American pronunciation/ˈmɑmbə/

a highly venomous African snake of the elapid family with green or black skin, which moves very fast and lives in trees

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mamba definition and meaning

What is a "mamba"?

A mamba is a highly venomous snake species found in Africa. It is known for its incredible speed and agility, making it one of the fastest and most dangerous snakes in the world. The mamba is typically green in color, with a slender body and a distinctive coffin-shaped head. It is primarily arboreal, spending a significant amount of time in trees, but can also be found on the ground. The mamba's venom is neurotoxic, causing rapid paralysis and potentially leading to death if not treated promptly. Due to its potent venom and aggressive nature, encountering a mamba is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. It is a fearsome predator that commands respect in the animal kingdom.

1Black mambas have very few enemies in the wild.
2Green mambas are really fast.
3The black mamba has medium-sized eyes and a coffin-shaped head with a rather pronounced brow ridge.
4The final build on the list is the black mamba.
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