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Magical ability

British pronunciation/mˈadʒɪkəl ɐbˈɪlətˌi/
American pronunciation/mˈædʒɪkəl ɐbˈɪləɾi/
Magical ability

an ability to perform magic

synonyms : magical power
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magical ability definition and meaning
1Reframing is a magical ability we have in this reality because everything in our life is fundamentally neutral except for the meanings that we give to things.
2Both characters have spent decades wowing readers with plot-driven magical abilities that allow them to do anything, except when they can't.
3Sometimes he speaks mysteriously, but sincerely worries about his nephew and tries to help him, calling for the assistance of Egg Shen - a man with magical abilities.
4If I showed the daguerreotype to my wife or my friend, then the effect spreads to them as well, and we can guess that witches who live in the neighborhood might sense a dampening of their magical abilities without understanding why.
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