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British pronunciation/lˈɒkɪt/
American pronunciation/ˈɫɑkɪt/

a small decorative case, usually made of valuable metal, which a memento can be kept inside and is worn around the neck on a chain or necklace

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locket definition and meaning

What is a "locket"?

A locket is a piece of jewelry that is usually worn as a necklace and contains a small space where a photograph or other small object can be kept. Lockets come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, and are often made of precious metals such as gold or silver. The locket is designed to be a sentimental piece, often given as a gift to someone special, such as a significant other, a mother, or a grandmother. They have been popular for centuries, with examples dating back to the Renaissance period. Some lockets are even designed to open up into multiple sections, allowing the wearer to keep multiple photos or mementos close to their heart.

1For my twelfth birthday, my mom gave me this heart-shaped locket.
2It's a locket.
3so the little locket thing opens.
4It's a locket.
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